• CRM
  • CRM Objective:
    To provide an end to end positive experience for agents using Molina CARES CRM application by proposing a solution to track support tickets and users’ emails to improve CRM desk support. Around UI improvements, there are factors such as features, usability, etc. that are being constantly improved; gasification concepts are being looked at to improve adoption and provide a positive experience for users accessing CRM application. While positive experience in working with the application is important, having visibility into the user interactions with application is very critical to better analyze and improve the support management performance. Some of the corresponding interaction metrics are included but not limited to; number of support tickets, complaints / raised issues, ticket’s closure time, emails response time, volume of email responses, status of tickets, and building a knowledge repository from an organization perspective.

    CRM Goals:
    Increase the utilization of web portals and reduce the number of call backs by setting up a very effective online user support. The ultimate goal is to reduce the agent’s handle time for so many valid received calls.
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